Watch & ‘Invest in Peace’: Ukrainian Deputy PM Raps to Encourage More Crypto Donations

Source: a video screenshot, Everstake / YouTube

Ukrainian blockchain business Everstake expressed their hope that the government-led Aid for Ukraine organization could benefit from more support from across the world — and this led them to release a rap video featuring animated pigeons and Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation.

Aid for Ukraine says it has so far raised more than USD 60m worth of cryptoassets from the global crypto community. Of this, some USD 45m has already been spent on crucial purchases such as first aid kits and bulletproof vests for those defending Ukraine against Russia’s brutal invasion, according to Everstake.

Everstake and its co-founders Sergey Vasylchuk and Yev Zaifert have made a total of USD 10m worth of crypto donations to Ukraine, the company said in a statement. 

The Invest In Peace, Bro. That’s What We Coo song, in which the deputy prime minister makes an appearance, aims to encourage further donations with its tongue-in-cheek lyrics and catchy tune.

“Peace comes at a price, but the first wave of donations have subsided,” said Vasylchuk who also serves as Everstake’s CEO, and added: 

“Cryptocurrencies are free from red-tape hurdles, which makes them the most efficient way to provide fast help. Every crypto contribution, no matter big or small, is another nail in the coffin of totalitarianism. Helping Ukraine fight off the invasion means helping us save the free world from enslavement.”

On his part, Fedorov joined the rapping pigeons near the song’s end, rapping:

“As pigeons told,

No time for sheets.

Three simple words,

Invest in peace.” 

Everstake says it is the crypto industry’s largest decentralized staking provider, with some 625,000 users.

Check out the peace-cooing pigeons feat Deputy PM below.