Victoria VR Launches World’s First Realistic Metaverse

  • Victoria VR has launched the world’s first realistic metaverse.
  • They are ready to onboard selected users as they have launched the Alpha version.
  • The team says that Victoria VR will be constantly upgrading to add new features.

Victoria VR has launched the world’s first realistic metaverse. While the Alpha version is already accessible to testers, the beta and flat versions are scheduled to release later this year.

While speaking to CoinQuora, the team says that they are ready to onboard selected users, as Victoria VR has just launched the Alpha version of its platform.

Notably, Victoria VR’s metaverse will be a space that enables users to hang out with friends, play games, go shopping, study, watch movies and sporting events, create, share, and trade artwork, organize business, etc.

“The ecosystem has a self-sustaining economy and is organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), meaning that the community has decision-making power,” says a member of the Victoria team.

They go on to add that most assets within the ecosystem are registered on blockchain as NFTs. The most important NFTs are the lands and digital real estate. Users can buy land through auctions and eventually mine it for resources and use it to build any type of content. Besides NFTs, the ecosystem will be fueled by the Victoria VR Token (VR), which acts as a currency inside the virtual world.

There will be a limited amount of pre-defined VR Lands available, which can be bought and minted either through a VR Lands Sale or on secondary markets like OpenSea. There are 168,000 VR Lands in Victoria VR.

Once users get their piece of land, they will be able to trade it, rent it, or use it for the construction of utility buildings (mines, warehouses), buildings for presentation (shops, showrooms), private buildings (private enterprises), a port to another world, game, or virtual reality, etc.

Victoria VR’s Alpha version has just launched. The Alpha version is currently being tested by selected community members. To be eligible to become alpha testers, users are required to hold 168 VR tokens in their wallets.

The Victoria VR team adds that their metaverse is a world of opportunities and that early users will benefit from the fast growth of this realistic metaverse.