TOYSTERZ NFT Collection: Innovative and Disrupting the Market

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The Toysterz NFT Collection & NFT Dating App

The Toysterz NFT Collection not only has amazing artistry, but equally presents an NFT community that is free of judgment, challenges the status quo, and lets you be yourself. Developing culture and mindset all while providing beautiful drawings that reconnect generations, that is our motto.

On top of providing an emotive NFT collection, we are also building the first ever innovative NFT Dating App. Inspired by a regular dating app; however, the difference is with our app you can meet, find, and buy your future NFT.

Collection Details

Toysterz NFT Collection represents 5,926 emotive hand drawn characters hosted on IPFS and stored/owned as ERC-721 on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT is a unique PFP which gives you access to exclusive features on our innovative mobile App. 

Why Does Our Project Matter?

The Toysterz App responds to 3 major NFT pain points:

  1. No Buyer Seller Interaction​: In the secondary market there is no buyer-seller interaction despite 70% of secondary market buyers and sellers confirming they would love to interact with each other during transactions.
  2. High Hack Exposure: When you access multiple Discord servers, all managed by different teams, you significantly increase your risk of hack exposure.
  3. Cryptocurrency Only To Buy NFTs: Currently NFTs can only be bought with cryptocurrency.