The Crypto Bear Market Is Here: How to Invest Now?

Source: Adobe/byrdyak

Bitcoin (BTC) is down almost 40% year-to-date, while most leading altcoins have dropped 50% to 70% since the start of 2022. So it’s fair to say, we are in a bear market. However, that doesn’t mean you have to exit the crypto markets because we’re having a bad first half of the year. 

Read on to learn how you can weather the storm in the current crypto market climate. 

What’s been happening? 

The crypto markets have cooled off to start this year, following a record year in 2021. Last year, we saw record-high crypto prices, an exploding NFT market with JPEGs selling for millions, and a burgeoning DeFi market expanding beyond Ethereum (ETH) and becoming multi-chain. 

Today, the situation is different. We have dropped sharply off the all-time highs. While BTC and ETH managed to “only” lose around 60% of their value since their highs, numerous leading altcoins have lost more than 90%. 

The recent collapse of UST and LUNA has sent prices crashing, as investors received a stern reminder of how risky cryptoassets can be.