Solana (SOL)

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Among the world’s top cryptocurrencies to buy, it’s essentially Bitcoin, Ether and then everything else. Among the so-called altcoins – everything outside of BTC – is where the big opportunity lurks, and Ethereum competitor Solana is a promising up-and-comer that’s managed to muscle into the world of DeFi and claim meaningful market share. Many currencies are built on top of the dominant Ethereum network, but not Solana, which has its own blockchain that uses the native SOL token. While BTC debuted in 2009 and ETH in 2015, SOL is just a baby, having debuted in 2020. The following year, Solana took the world by storm, soaring from about $1.50 to more than $170 by the end of 2021. Things have cooled off dramatically since then, with SOL at around $45 on May 12. Still, Solana’s low transaction fees should continue to poach users from Ethereum until The Merge is complete.