Securities Giant SBI Snaps up Controlling Stake in One of its Crypto Rivals, BITPoint

Source: Adobe/mehaniq41

The Japanese securities and banking giant SBI Holdings has made another key M&A move – and will snap up a controlling interest in BITPoint, one of the domestic rivals to its SBI VC Trade crypto trading platform.

Per Nikkei, BITPoint’s operator, the loyalty point provider Remixpoint, has stated that it will “form a capital and business alliance” with SBI in an attempt to “expand” its business through crypto “collaboration.”

This deal will involve SBI buying a 5% stake in Remixpoint and a controlling 51% stake of 65,484 shares for a sum of USD 98.6m. This will grant SBI “more than half of the total voting rights” at BITPoint. The report stated that BITPoint’s market value was estimated at over USD 193m. It noted that the deal also involves an earnout clause – a provision that would entitle Remixpoint to receive future compensation if BITPoint meets a number of financial goals.

SBI is one of four big-business players (the other three being the chat app operator Line, the e-commerce heavyweight Rakuten, and the Monex Group – another securities giant) in a business sector traditionally dominated by smaller startups.

However, stricter regulation has put many of the companies out of business, while others have been swallowed up by their rivals. Others still suffered security breaches that allowed larger companies to bail them out – on the provision that the operators sold controlling stakes to them.