‘Russian Dictators Will Use Blockchain to Rig Elections,’ Says Critic

Source: iStock/Cylonphoto

The claims were made in a new column entitled “Blockchain for Dictators” by Sergei Golubitsky, an IT journalist and a long-time contributor to the liberal-leaning Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

Golubitsky stated that Russian blockchain-powered voting – already rolled out in recent by-elections, at the national level in testbed zone for a referendum on constitutional reform and previously by the Moscow city authorities – is fundamentally flawed.

He claimed that all iterations of blockchain voting so far used in the Russian political process are more like standard corporate distributed networks than true blockchain networks – due to the fact that they are not decentralized in nature and are hosted on government-servers.

A number of reports have claimed that the blockchain voting processes already used have been riddled with fatal issues.

In a stinging attack, the journalist wrote that the Russian state feared “completely losing control over election results,” in a system that allowed powermongers to “govern without democratic traditions.”