Play and Earn: NFT Collection for a New Gaming Meta-universe

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This month, one of the most innovative and new virtual gaming metaverse in the market, Thunder Lands, will release a limited NFT collection of weapons, armor, and lands. 

Thunder Lands is a visionary project based on the Dark Fantasy genre and combines classic gameplay and aspects of innovative blockchain technology and acts as a one-stop trading platform connecting all players in the game. Players can trade their assets and post job listings for paid in-game tasks. However, much more is awaiting for the players in Thunder Lands, where there is an endless struggle for resources, territories, political domination, developing new worlds, and building own factions or strong guilds.

So far, the project has acquired support from YGG SEA, IVC, CGU, Shima, Vespertine, Dao Roi, Afford, and Laoban. Thunder Lands has attracted investments worth USD 2.6m and raised USD 500k+ through NFT guild purchases due to the fact that 55.4% of players prefer the Dark Fantasy genre. Currently, there are 3B+ active NFT play2earn players worldwide. The expected annual return of NFT purchases is estimated to be x25. 

Based on the “play to earn” mechanism, players will be able to buy and sell their assets, bet with their NFT, and receive TNDR tokens to multiply their profits from the game. The strategy implemented by Thunder Lands is one-of-a-kind in the market of virtual gaming metaverse and has envisioned to offer a whole new experience to existing and upcoming players.