Leaked ‘Shill Price List’ Alleges Crypto Influencers Charge Up to USD 25,000 for a Shill Tweet


Zachxbt, an anonymous crypto researcher and self-proclaimed “on-chain sleuth,” has published an extensive list of crypto influencers and how much they allegedly charge to “shill” crypto projects on Twitter.

Zachxbt told Motherboard that the list came from a “marketing firm” but did not disclose the company’s name. The media site has also contacted 60 of the accounts on the list, some of which verified the accuracy of the list while others claimed that the rates were inaccurate.

In either case, according to the list, Lindsay Lohan, an American actress, singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur, charges as much as USD 25,000 for shilling a crypto project and another USD 20,000 for a single retweet.

Others on the list, some who specifically say they “shill” crypto projects or call themselves “crypto promoters” or “crypto influencers,” charge from a few hundred dollars to several thousand for a “shill tweet” or a retweet.

“Not everyone on the list does undisclosed shills but the vast majority of names I see on there do,” Zachxbt said, noting that, at times, it would be hard for followers to discern a difference between a promotional post and genuine opinion.