Inaugural cryptocurrency convention brings money, crowds to West Palm Beach´┐╝

A much larger crowd than they had even anticipated showed up. While they had forecasted 5,000 attendees, according to Blockworks founder Jason Yanowitz, they had more than 7,000 people on-site over the three days.

Blockworks is a financial media brand that focuses on cryptocurrency like non-fungible tokens, featured in an NFT exhibit at the Palm Beach Convention Center.

“We say it’s happening at the convention center, but the reality is there are 20 hotels throughout the county as far north as Palm Beach Gardens,” said Kelly Cavers with Discover the Palm Beaches.

The convention gives back to the community as well, with money funneling into its economy.

For every dollar spent during the convention, $1.60 was spent at the restaurants and shops, chock full of first-time clientele like Nevada’s Mark Friedler, according to Discover the Palm Beaches.

“There was no real one place for the entire industry, which is primarily an online/digital industry, to come together in person. And so BlockWorks, we decided to build it,” said Jason Yanowitz, the co-founder of BlockWorks. “We wanted to really bring this new crypto wealth and influence to an up-and-coming city and we think this is where it’s all happening.”

Organizers said 90% of the crypto convention attendees were from other states and some were from other countries.