‘Challenges’ to Crypto Traders as Lower Volatility Expected; Solana Derivatives Wanted

Source: iStock/shwepsa

High volatility is necessary to attract traders to the crypto derivatives space, and institutions would most like to see new derivatives contracts backed by altcoins such as solana (SOL)polkadot (DOT)cardano (ADA) and stablecoins, a new report from the derivatives-focused analytics firm Acuiti has found.

Despite high volatility is a common criticism of the crypto market, a reduction in volatility and more stable prices will “pose challenges to digital assets,” the analysts said.

At the same time, survey results cited in the report showed that more than two-thirds of surveyed executives in the financial services industry estimate that the crypto market will become less volatile as it matures.

The firm found the answers by surveying an unspecified group of senior executives at prop trading firms, hedge funds, banks, brokers and exchanges, collectively referred to as Acuiti’s ‘Expert Network’.

Notably, it is the initiatives taken by firms already present in the digital asset space that have the greatest potential to reduce volatility.