Binance Stops Crypto Derivatives Trading in Spain at Regulator’s Request – Report

A media outlet has claimed that the crypto exchange Binance has been forced to halt all crypto derivatives trading in Spain at the behest of the national markets regulator.

Per La Información, the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), which has been granted certain powers over the crypto sector and polices the stock market, has recently “forced” Binance to “completely abandon the sale of cryptoasset derivatives in Spain.”

The report quoted unnamed “sources from the business sector” as stating that Binance’s Spanish “managers” had “held several meetings with the [CMNV] since the beginning of the year.”

The derivatives menu has been removed from the relevant selection on the homepage of Binance’s Spanish website. In the English-language version, the derivatives menu is found between the trade and earn menus.

The same media outlet previously reported that Binance held talks with the regulator in early March this year and that Binance had handed “credential letters” to the regulator, again quoting “sources” close to the matter. In January, the firm made a bid to be included in the official registry of the central Bank of Spain (BdE).

The report stated that the “cryptocurrency giant” was “clear about its expansion strategy in Spain,” but was “awaiting approval from the BdE” before it began expanding its operations in the country.