Banks Exploring Blockchain, Tokenization Again is a ‘Fire Signal We’re in a Bear Market’

Source: AdobeStock / EdNurg

Certain large investment banks are again exploring how blockchain technology and tokenization of assets can make their own operations more efficient — but for some in the crypto community, the banks’ moves in crypto resemble something they have seen before.

Among the banks that have taken steps towards the adoption of blockchains this time around is JPMorgan, which since December last year has attracted more than USD 300bn worth of deals for its blockchain network, the Financial Times reported on Monday.

The major American bank has now been joined by French rival BNP Paribas, with both banks using digital tokens for short-term trading in fixed income markets. According to the Financial Times report, the project involves using tokens for transactions in the so-called repo (repurchase) market, used by institutions to borrow assets for short-term financing needs.

The efforts were described in the report as a first step in using digital tokens “in one of the crucial links of the global financial system.” The report added that JPMorgan is exploring whether it can serve as a gateway to decentralized finance (DeFi) for financial institutions, and said that more banks are set to join the network in the future.

JPMorgan operates its enterprise blockchain Liink under a separate arm of the company known as Onyx. The major investment bank has also previously launched a centralized digital token known as JPM Coin.