As Polygon Courts Terra Developers, It Takes Shots at Solana

Layer 2 platform Polygon is reiterating its attempts to lure Terra developers in the wake of Terra’s collapse. What’s more, the India-based company is also coming out swinging against Solana, the layer 1 blockchain that suffered yet another outage Wednesday.

Developers who are looking to continue to build within the Web 3 ecosystem following the implosion of Terra’s UST algorithmic stablecoin last month need confidence that they are going to be moving to a platform that will be around for a while, said Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt. Polygon recently made a public push to attract Terra developers with a fund, although it didn’t disclose the size of the fund.

“We felt there was an opportunity for those that wanted to build on Polygon to make sure that they knew that we were here to welcome them with open arms, [and] that we were going to help them financially get back on their feet and support their movement,” Wyatt said on CoinDesk TV’s “First Mover” program.

Wyatt – a former head of gaming partnerships at Google and head of gaming at YouTube who was hired by Polygon to lead the platform’s NFT (non-fungible token), gaming and metaverse initiatives – adds that there are a number of incremental costs that developers will need to worry about as they consider migrating from one platform to another.

Polygon put together a multimillion-dollar fund via a partnership with NFT marketplace One Planet, promising to help some developers cope with the financial woes they faced after Terra’s near demise. The initiative, however, has been met with some criticism.

Wyatt took a few verbal shots at Terra’s attempted relaunch.