10 Side Hustles That Still Make Money in 2022, According To People Who Do Them Every Day

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A side hustle can increase your monthly income significantly with a time commitment of just a few hours a week. It can also support you with extra money when unexpected work circumstances arise.

“I started a YouTube channel in March of 2020 when COVID got real in the United States,” says David Dilworth, a Delta Airlines flight attendant. “I’m in the airline industry, so there was a lot of not knowing what to do next.” 

Dilworth’s fitness-based YouTube channel now generates $3,000 a month and has a variety of revenue streams. It even makes him money while he’s in the air for his day job.

One in three Americans have a side hustle, according to a poll of 2,001 Americans commissioned by Zapier, a marketing automation company.

If you’re curious about entrepreneurship but want to take a financially sound approach, a side hustle offers the best of both worlds and can put extra cash in your pocket.